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School Supply Lists

Picture of School Supplies


The PTO Supply Sale is now open!

Visit, then search New Albany Middle School.

Use this list to guide your selections and customize your order. Items will ship to your home, over $75 ships free! Choose the Required Supplies Box for your grade , then select your preferred Add-On Items. *Allow 10 days for processing. Proceeds benefit NAMS PTO to fund programming for teachers and students.

Save time and help support the NAMS PT0! Order your supply box today!

Printable PDF of 2024-2025 Supply List


Required Supplies - ALL Students

2+ packs of pencils
2 fine point Sharpies
Pack of 8 Dividers for Binder
Pencil Pouch (that fits in binder)
3x5 Index Cards with lines
5 boxes of tissues
2 rolls of paper towels
Post-It Notes- 1 pack of 3x3

1 pack of lined paper- 100 ct. Wide rule
2 highlighters
Zip Up Binder (7th grade ONLY)
1-inch Binder (8th grade ONLY)

Optional: Stylus for iPad; hand sanitizer, colored pencils, glue stick

Cleaning items are for general use; extra donations are always welcome.

Teachers will communicate Band/Orchestra music books

Grade/Class Specific Supplies

7th Grade ELA

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton ISBN: 978-0-14-240733-2

8th Grade ELA

3 packs of ruled 3x5 note/index cards
1 black sharpie
4 packs of regular-sized (3x3) Post-It Notes
1 plastic folder
View the Book List for the school year

Honors Algebra 1

Optional: Graphing Calculator (TT1I-84 Plus)

Math 7

Scientific Calculator (TI-30XIIS)

Math 8

Binder or Folder
Optional Scientific Calculator (TI-30XIIS)

Required Summer Novels

Grade 7 Summer Reading Book

Class Novel for Visiting Author (pick ONE) :

*Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt ISBN-10: 1432875906
*Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt ISBN-10: 0545178136

Grade 8 Summer Reading Books

Read an appropriately challenging young adult novel of your choice . Be prepared to share your understanding of the book. Annotating is a great way to achieve this. Please bring your book with you on the first day of school.